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Our Innovativeness

Modern Early Years, Deepali
Special Program1
Special Program2
Special Program4
  • Fine Motor Skills Development Programme: A programme that focuses on building the fine motor skills of the students.
  • Puppet Theater and Story Telling that inspires the imagination and at the same time help in forming a system of values and an understanding of different people and their lives around the world.
  • Physical activity in Play Area, Indoor Gym, Swings, Slide &Sand pit develop physical co-ordination and a healthy body.
  • Portfolios kept for each child to gather and display all their work throughout the year- includes your child’s Development Progress Chart.
  • Promotes soical, emotional, cognitive, verbal, and creative development by "Interest" Centers where your child can chose to participate in several learning based.
  • SEAL - Social and Emotional Aspects of Living, a programme that supports Personal, Social & Emotional Development.
  • Letters & Sounds Phases - A phonics approach that supports early Literacy.
  • Improving Listening Skills – A programme that focuses on basic skills identified as necessary for pre-reading skills – listening skills, visual discrimination, visual memory, auditory discrimination, and auditory memory.
  • Reading Programme – A planned approach to help develop basic ‘reading’ skills.