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School Events

Modern Early Years, Deepali
Modern-Early-Years-Deepali-beach-trip.png 27th July 2021

Summer Beach Trip

There is always that one summer that changes you and makes memories of a lifetime.

The-Modern-School-Kundli-ECNCR-E-Picnic-17.jpg 14th July 2021



Modern-Early-Years-Deepali-Construction-with-Straws-1.jpg 26th June 2021

Construction with Straws

Construction with Straws

Modern-Early-Years-Deepali-fathers-day-6.jpg 21st June 2021

Father's Day

A father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there but a guiding light whose love shows us the way.

Modern-Early-Years-Deepali-yoga-8.jpg 21st May 2021



Modern-Early-Years-Deepali-baisakhi-03.jpeg 24th April 2021

Baisakhi Celebration

India is a land of many cultures which blend into each other seamlessly.

Modern-Early-Years-Deepali-Hooray-My-first-day-of-virtual-learningi-3.jpg 24th April 2021

Hooray! My first day of virtual learning

It's important for both children and teachers to understand how to best encourage and foster motivation in school and for online learning.

Modern-Early-Years-Deepali-Halloween-3.jpg 22nd December 2020


Children love creating things - even if the only thing they seem to be expert in is the art of making a mess! However, craft isn't just about entertai

Modern-Early-Years-Deepali-gandhi-jayanti-13.jpg 22nd December 2020

Mahatma Gandhi The Power Of Influence

Mahatma Gandhi a pioneer of truth and non-violence , is honored every year on his birth anniversary that falls on October 2nd.